My Yearly Favorites!


Hello to my lovely readers out there.  I wanted to start off  with My Yearly Favorites for this year along with wanted to try some new things for my blog :). I’ve learnt that without imagination, creativity and excitement our so called ‘life’ becomes boring. Similarly, my blog had become boring too according to me 😦 & Hence, I decided to try this idea for the very first time but this was first thought of by a blogger friend of mine ‘puddlesofavni’

I love painting, sketching, doodling, reading too. So, I’ve compiled up my list of Yearly Favorites of 2016


1. Dabur Rose Water: This rose water is one of the easiest available in the market for me. It makes my skin clear, supple and glowing. I use it every time whether in my face packs or use a toner. 

2. Nomarks Neem Face Wash: This face wash claimed to be useful for oily to combination skin type & may I tell you; it really helped my hormonal acne to a very large extent. 🙂 

3. Keya Seth Sunscreen SPF60: I will be reviewing it in my separate post. As summing up, I really enjoyed it. 

4. Lakme Sun Expert SPF30: I totally love it too. But why? Please stay tuned for my detailed review. 😉

5. Vedantika Herbals Anti Acne Face pack: Whenever I applied this pack, I had this cooling, calming sensation due to camphor present in it & seriously, it really calmed down my facial senses 😀 It smells good too. Hence, it was completely worth of money 🙂 ❤

6. Nivea Clean Up: If you constantly have been suffering from persistent acne; then you definitely need this spot treatment in your life even though it can be applied as 5 different ways.

7. Jiva Walnut Scrub: Every now and then I try to find less chemical free products & one of them I’m trying is from this brand called JIVA. This scrub is just on point of how a mechanical scrubs should be. Moreover, its ayurvedic. I’m just lovin’ it 😀 Stay tuned for its detailed review guys 🙂

8. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun SPF20: I have only one word to say about this ” I’m obsessed”. Literally, This thing has been my HG product for almost more than 5 years in summers and humid season. because of having sweat and waterproof qualities. Despite being greasy it didn’t break out on me EVER. 

9. Everyuth Naturals Neem Face Pack: This pack actually felt very pleasant on my skin. It was just like any other face powders but it did help my oily skin 🙂

10. Biotique Flawless Whitening Face pack: This one was for lazy people. I had no other expectations from this product so I enjoyed it. Although it didn’t whiten my skin as it said. 


1. JIVA Almond Shampoo: I just recently posted the review about this shampoo.  Totally worth the price, Its amazing.

2. Lakme total repair 5 hair serum: This one thing according to me had been underrated in the beauty industry since it started. Although,I’ll write about it separately & I totally love it 🙂

3. Biocare Shea Butter Body scrub: This scrub is totally perfect when used during the bath time. Apart from, its exfoliating properties, It moisturized my skin perfectly during these dry winters. Thats why its on my fav list. 

4. DIY Hair Mask: During the month of mid June; I discovered a pack which was completely natural. Since then, I’m consistently using it on my hair & I’m glad I found it. More on this DIY post. Stay tuned 🙂

5. Tony & Guy Hair Smoothening lotion: My aunt from New Jersey got me this thing. I used it on my towel dried hair & it made my hair smooth and manageable. It smells good too 🙂

6. VEGA Manicure & Pedicure kit: This kit contains all sorts of supplies one would need at home. It works perfectly fine. 

7. Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine EDT: The EDT from the body shop smells so nice. It has such a musky scent to it & it stays for almost 6 to 8 hrs. 


1. Hand Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McDevitt: I wanted to practice typography for quite some time & this book is helping a lot. I’m so much delighted with this puchase of mine. 🙂

2. Pocket Posh Coloring Book: For the one who loves colors or like to draw or simply just want to relax. Try this book. Simple color through these pages & work your way in removing daily stresses from your life as these coloring books not only help children but also adults too.

3. Answered Prayers By Danielle Steel: This book is Must read for those who have given up on their lives. 

5. There’s Something About you by Yashodhara lal: Yet another book I read & the story line was quite heart wrenching which emotionally taught me how its sometimes important to take care of ourselves. 

6. Music: I’m a music lover. Ofcourse who doesn’t love it. Music is a form of therapy :)This year i found this band The Script and I’m literally obsessed with them. Also, the singer Shawn Mendes. Just love him 🙂 

7. Green Kurkure- Red Chilli Chatka flavor and Oreo: It’s quite weird of me to add food favs on my list but i cant get enough of these cookies & our namkeen. I have to discipline myself & purposely stop eating them very often. I currently have them once a month or every 15 days to control my cravings. 😀

Finally My list is over with some mini reviews 😉 I fully enjoyed it. Hope you guys will love reading it too. Moreover, I’ll try my hand on creative writing skills and will be posting my art too. I dont know why I’m doing this as I’m a beginner but I wanna try.

Thank you always for supporting me! Happy New year :)<3

P.S. Do tell me how are my doodles. I know that They  look pathetic as its my first time try but it will be helpful for me for further improvements. 🙂



13 thoughts on “My Yearly Favorites!

    1. Ohh thanks so much for stopping by! Most of the Times I read the review of that serum, it had quite average reviews.. but to me it’s one of the best till now if we also count it being budget friendly hehe 😊😊


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